1. People interested in game hunting shall send their order to address: DUDÍN s.r.o., Sásovská cesta 41, 974 01 Banská Bystrica.
  2. On the agreed date the hunting guest shall come to the Game Preserve Dudín and he shall submit a hunting ticket and a gaming gun licence. The authorised employee will issue a hunting permit and shall appoint a hunting guide.
  3. A daily organizational fee amounting to EUR 60 shall be charged to every hunting guest for every commenced day of individual hunting.(for archers, 120 € is charged) The fee includes hunting guide and transport throughout the game preserve.
  4. Boiling and bleaching of trophy is included in the kill fee.
  5. An advance fee amounting to the sum of a daily organizational fee and the price of the agreed services (excluding a kill fee) shall be paid by a hunting guest in advance to the account of the company DUDÍN s.r.o. no later than in 7 days after the order has been confirmed.
  6. If game, the hunting of which was not permitted by the guide, is shot or wounded, a 100 % surcharge of the kill fee shall be charged.
  7. If game is wounded, a fee specified in the hunting price-list shall be charged.
  8. If wounded game is localised after the hunting guest has left, the trophy would be evaluated (by weighing or measuring it) and after the difference between the price of wounding and hunting is settled, the trophy would be given to the hunter.
  9. After the hunt, a record about the hunt shall be prepared as an underlying document for statement of costs of the hunting event. The hunting record shall be signed by the hunting guest as well.
  10. A hunting guest shall be present at trophy evaluation.
  11. In case of a hunt for a trophy game, the trophy would be given to the hunting guest after paying the price of the hunting event.
  12. All the prices in this price list shall include VAT.
  13. Comparison of CIC trophy points with weight (length) are of informative character only.
  14. On request, the hunting guest shall submit the trophy for a game keeping inspection (this only applies to Slovak hunters).
  15. Prices of game meat shall be set according to a separate price list.
  16. A bindingly ordered and confirmed hunt can be cancelled no later than 30 days before the agreed date of the hunting event. In case of later cancellations, a cancellation fee shall be charged according to the hunting pricelist.