About Us


A newly built hotel offers accommodation for guests looking for peace and nature-connected activities was opened in autumn 2011. It is situated in the middle of a 500 ha area of a game preserve surrounded by a fence. Only the accommodated guests can enter the area.

Maximum hotel capacity is 32 beds, extra beds included. Fully air-conditioned facility offers two suites with four beds and two extra-beds, 4 rooms with two beds and two extra beds and a hunting house with four beds.

A restaurant has a capacity of 40 seats and it offers meals made of the game preserve production. We process meat and prepare meals with professional care. Eating the game meat, i.e. meat of a highest quality, in our hotel is a unique experience. French say that game meat is more nutritious than spinach and less fat than white yoghurt. If you need to take a rest from everyday stress and from multitude of people in a hotel with family atmosphere, our facility is the right choice for you.

Hotel services must be booked in advance!

Do you know that the word “safari” comes from Swahili language and it has been used in English since the 19th century for denomination of activities connected with breeding, monitoring, photographing and hunting of game not only in Africa. Today the word “safari” or “photo-safari” becomes a synonym of an ultimate experience of high quality for all the animal lovers accompanied by excellent care.


Slovak safari offers space for your thoughts, recreation and relaxation. The place where you can find harmony.


As we base our approach on personal access, the opening hours are determined by our customers.


Zverník Dudín, Hontianske Moravce
GPS: 48.1730 N, 18.8229 E
Email: dudin@dudin.sk
Mobil: +421 905 525 919