In a 4-bed room 38 €/night/person
In a 3-bed room 45 €/night/person
In a double room 56 €/night/person
In a single room 79 €/night/person



Breakfast 11 €/person
Lunch 17 €/person
Dinner 17 €/person
Child portion of breakfast 10 €/person
Child portion of lunch 12 €/person
Child portion of dinner 12 €/person



Stay for more than 3 nights -15 %
Child up to 2 years of age -100 %
Child from  2 years of age to 12 years of age -30 %



Sauna – one-time entry 15 €/person
Animal in the hotel 15 €/night
Air conditioning 20 €/night
Tour through the game preserve in a carriage 70 €/up to 5 persons
Tour through the game preserve in an off-road car 50 €/up to 4 persons
Tour through the game preserve on foot with a guide 40 €/up to 5 persons
Renting a carriage with horses and a carriage man – wedding, social events 200 €
Transfer 1 km 1 €
Horse drive 15 €/hod.
Horse drive with a guide 35 €/hod.

On the day of arrival, guests can enter the area after 3 p.m.
On the day of departure, we ask guests to leave the premises by 10 o’clock.
We accept payments by VISA and MASTERCARD.

In case of cancellation of ordered services less than 60 days before the start of the stay
there is a cancellation fee of 100%.

The prices are listed including VAT.
Price list valid from 12.6. 2023.


Personal approach is important to us

We take care of personal access to each customer. We consider our guests as part of the family, so we have chosen a special form when booking accommodation. We strive to fulfill your requirements, so do not hesitate to ask us for any questions or book your accommodation through the form.

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