In the Pudding Pond, the wild and native wild animals live in harmony. Jelene, daniele, mouflons, roes and deer, wild boar, but also ducks, pheasants, rabbits and various bird species – there is plenty of room for running and over-standard care. But even domesticated animals do not have to envy them: they enjoy the freedom to the extent that their relationship to humans allows.

Connect with nature

Our meat is a happy meat, with a healthy pedigree, fresh and easy to digest.

Top gastronomy

Our meat is a happy meat, with a healthy pedigree, fresh and easy to digest.

Wine tasting

The most delicious wine is born in the hunt – the local pubs are deep and tasting the finest and most generous vintage jewels.

Bio pond

During the sun, you can engage in a genre concert and do not have to watch random events.

Lokalita hotela:

The territory of Honta is situated on the border between Central and Western Slovakia, in the southern part of the Banská Bystrica and the eastern part of the Nitrian region.

  • Menagerie Dudín, Hontianske Moravce
  • Mobil: +421 905 525 918
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Personal approach is important to us

We take care of personal access to each customer. We consider our guests as part of the family, so we have chosen a special form when booking accommodation. We strive to fulfill your requirements, so do not hesitate to ask us for any questions or book your accommodation through the form.

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    Slovak safari offers space for your thoughts, recreation and relaxation. The place where you can find harmony.

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    As we base our approach on personal access, the opening hours are determined by our customers.


    Menagerie Dudín, Hontianske Moravce
    GPS: 48.1730 N, 18.8229 E
    Mobil: +421 905 525 918

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