The game preserve offers:

  • photosafari
  • Tour through the game preserve on foot, by an off-road car, by a horse carriage or by a horse
  • Natural swimming pool offers a possibility of summer swimming and winter ice skating
  • Shelter for 40 people enables cooking goulash in a pot, roasting meat on a grill or baking a pig regardless the weather
  • On request we can secure spa services, tennis court, bowling, tasting of local wines, etc.
  • Hunting in a free hunting ground



Except for an interesting history and an action present, Dudince lure people by its natural and climatic conditions – it has the highest annual number of sunny days, intact nature, and abundant greenery. Beauty of this wine-growing and traditions-bound Hont region is another reason why the popularity of Dudince keeps increasing year by year.
Relaxation procedures
Spa Dudince think about those clients who do not need any medical treatment, but want to enjoy relaxation procedures without the necessary medical examination. Such procedures include in particular the cosmetic and relaxation ones, which are currently much enjoyed by modern people.


This historical jewel has crossed the borders of its national importance in 1993, when it was registered in the list of the world cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO as its 400th item. Its unique historical status and the present cultural and social life full of untraditional events lure many national and foreign tourists to the town.


Those who visit Banská Štiavnica rarely miss the opportunity to visit a unique exposition of a baroque-classicistic manor-house in Sv. Anton, known as Antol in the past.


Fortress Bzovík, formerly a Cistercian cloister, was built in the 12th century.


A distinctive village Sebechleby is situated at the foot of the Štiavnické vrchy Mountains. The first written evidence about the village comes from 1135. This typical wine-growing village, that includes Mladá Hora (Young Forest) and Stará Hora (Old Forest), enjoys a big interest of tourists who can visit the local museum exhibition and taste traditional specialities, and good wine – the pride of the native people, in particular.


Hrušov is situated on the south of Krupinská planina plain in the district of Veľký Krtíš. It is known for its typical settlements and tuff & sandy cellars used for wine storage up to the present days. There is an interesting 16 km long educational trail with folk houses, blacksmith’s forge, places for rest and various local attractions. Every year in August a popular three-day event called Hontianska Parade takes place here.


The village of Brhlovce is situated in Ipeľská pahorkatina upland, in valley of the brook Búr, about 174 metres above the sea level. In the village there are porous andesite tuffs and tuffites, in which underground dwellings were built.


The Hungarian capital is one of the most beautiful historical and spa cities in Europe.